Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to 52 Letters

A little while ago I wrote a letter to my niece, Kelly. I was out of town and my computer was packed away so I decided to communicate the old-fashioned way with a hand written letter.

A few weeks later I received this response on my Facebook wall:

Hey Tante Maggie ("Aunt" in Dutch), I got your letter. Wow, I think it has been years since I have received a hand written letter other than a christmas or birthday card. Thanks for thinking of us.

Her note got me wondering. And one morning I woke up with the idea for 52 Letters. Here's the Challenge:

Write one letter each week.
Send it.

That's it.

I'm going to start in January 2009. Meanwhile, I'm pondering ideas for how to how fun with this and involve lots of other letter writers.....

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