Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday (12)

Last week I sent a birthday card to my brother who lives in Germany. He is not quite a year younger than me so for the next three days we are the same age. And a fine age it is.

My siblings and I grew up in Salt Lake City. Our parents came from The Netherlands and fully embraced their new culture. Here we are on Halloween in 1963. I am the eldest, looking pretty serious. And then we stairstep down--four children in five years (!). The chap in the skeleton costume is the Birthday Boy and in this photo you can already see the impishness.

We were so lucky to have had a GREAT childhood. And today I am remembering the good times....from the old days, from more recent years and envisioning our visit this September.

Love you Ray.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friends from another Era (11)

In the halcyon days of my early thirties I was privileged to be an honorary member of a group of gorgeous and lively women. The liveliest of the group was Bella (not her real name--she has a responsible profile in the community and it's best to let her share the stories as she wishes). On several occasions we traveled together and waaaay too much alcohol was part of some hysterical celebrations. Oh, we had fun.

For reasons she knows, she holds a very special place in my heart. When I remember B., I remember rare times. Times when I was a different Maggie for a few days. Times when I connected with wild women and ran with the wolves. I never did anything bad but it was fun to be on the verge of naughty. More than anything we laughed a LOT.

When I think of B. I also ache for sweet times that will never be again. It hurts but I'm glad for the memories at least.

Today I wrote to B. Thanks Honey.