Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Saw This and Thought of You (4)

Thursday morning I was enjoying the newspaper and a cup of coffee just like every morning. The Oregonian featured a story about two friends, 98 and 94 years old. They have been best friends for more than 75 years.

I thought of my best friend whom I have known for over 27 years as I read the article. Janet and I met when we were young mothers because our boys were in child care together. Our sons are grown men now and J. and I are in our fifties. Our bond is stronger than ever because we have such a body of shared experiences. We trash smoked at Key Largo and vented to one another in our thirties. She held me when my sister died and she brought me a pink bed jacket when I had surgery. Her friendship is one of my greatest treasures.

This morning I will send her this article with the words, 'I saw this and thought of you'.

I know we'll still be having a good time when we're in our nineties.

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